"The countryside where I grew up, set forth my path to horticulture and The city where I live, has shaped my passion for gardening"

After graduating in 2005 from the école des Métiers d’horticulture de Montréal, David Crevier joined Hodgins & associés as a horticulturalist.

Under the mentoring of Myke Hodgins, Senior Landscape Architect, he perfected his knowledge of gardening and started David Crevier Maître Jardinier in 2008.

"Landscaping and horticultural maintenance are in my nature"

Throughout the years, David Crevier has built a reputation as a Master Gardener.

Since founded, the business has grown due to a talented and experienced team, which provides the best services to their customers.

  • Kim, landscaper - Lawn and green space maintenance
  • Jorge, landscaper - Landscaping and planting
  • Phillip, Horticulturalist - Horticultural maintenance
  • Rayhane, Landscape architect - Design and project management

"We are committed to sharing with our clients the passion for the art of gardens"