Horticultural maintenance and planting

The key advantages of working with one gardener are consistent follow-up and quality service. Once our team is familiar with your particular needs, you can rest assured that your garden will mature and evolve under our care.

A typical horticultural program

Soil conditioning, our team uses two types of fertilizers for your garden. Organic fertilizers and Composted manure add nutrients to the soil and nourishes the planting beds.

Spring-cleaning (opening of garden)

Pruning of trees and shrubs: our team removes dead, diseased or injured wood. Judicious pruning improves the natural shape of the plant and encourages flower production. We do not prune trees above ten feet; if required, this should be done by a certified arborist.

Seasonal plantings and decorations: Depending on your needs, our Designer develop a planting design concept. This involves:

  • Annual plants in gardens
  • Fall bulbs
  • All annual flowers
  • Arrangements of pots for spring, summer and winter
  • Winter and Christmas decorations

Weed control

Pest and disease control: David Crevier Maître Jardinier favours the use of organic pest control products and methods.

Cultivation of plantings and planters

Cultivation of plantings and planters

Winter protection