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David Crevier

Master Gardener

Your gardens grow from our passion and experience.

David Crevier has cultivated a career from a rural upbringing, distinctive education, treasured mentorship, and devoted artistic exploration. Born and raised in the countryside, David’s appreciation of nature’s beauty and balance inspired him to pursue an education from Métiers d’horticulture de Montréal. Upon graduating, David joined Hodgins & Associates, where he created notable commercial and residential projects under the tutelage of recognized Montreal Landscape Architect Myke Hodgins. After three years of dedicated service, David launched his own company and began creating and maintaining outdoor designs inspired by his rural roots in exclusive neighborhoods throughout Montreal.

For more than a decade, David Crevier and his knowledgeable team have garnered a reputation for creating and sustaining contemporary and innovative Montreal outdoor landscapes that improve life outside.  

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Have a space to create?
Contact us.